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Advanced Coating Techniques offers a variety of cleaning processes for part preparation, and post-process cleaning.

  • Blasting: Three types of blasting are available, Sand Blast, Glass Bead, and Vapor Blast, all of which are processes of surface abrasion, driven by air under pressure.
  • Vapor Degrease: Vapor Degreasing is a process of cleaning by the condensation of heated solvent on parts suspended in the vapor atmosphere.
  • Alkaline Clean: Alkaline clean is a process of immersing parts in a heated, agitated alkaline solution.
  • Alkaline Etch: Alkaline Etch is a chemical means of material removal, predominantly as a preparation for Non-Destructive Testing, using a highly caustic alkaline solution in a heated, agitated bath. The amount of material removed is precisely controlled by analysis of the etch rate over time.
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