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Processes commonly requested for Aluminum processing include Anodizing, Chemical Film, and Hard Coating. Steel and Stainless Steel operations include plating in various metals, including Cadmium, Silver, Copper, Tin, and Tin/Cadmium.

ACT is also a source for painting and coating in the industry standard types, including CARC, Resin, and Epoxy, and Teflon and Dry Film Lube applications. Available at ACT are cleaning processes both as independent operations or as preparation for other processes. Included are chemical as well as mechanical processes, including Vapor degreasing, Solvent Wipe, Alkaline Clean, Passivation, and the abrasive techniques of Vapor Blast, Sand Blast, and Glass Bead abrasion.

Alkaline Etch is a process of metal removal, commonly used prior to Liquid Penetrant Inspection. ACT also maintains several ovens for baking to meet requirements for Stress Relief, Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief, and accelerated cure of coated products.

Please investigate our services through the individual pages, or contact us with any questions not readily answered in the website.

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